There is a lot to do after a disaster strikes your home. As you try to get back to a normal life physically, let a reputable restoration company help you minimize your financial losses and recover your belongings.

What is a Restoration Company?

A restoration company is a group of trained professionals who come in as a first responder team after the initial disaster is over. Once the emergency services have rescued and treated you and your family, the attention turns to the resulting damage.

These types of companies are experts in restoring what may have been thought lost in your home. Our most important possessions are the things that can’t be replaced – family photos, memorabilia, letters, cards, scrapbooks and family heirlooms. Each person in the house knows what they value most and would miss if it were gone.

A good disaster recovery company works to restore your life as well as your home. Their expertise allows for the cleaning of items that would otherwise be thrown away due to water, smoke or fire damage.

What your Restoration Company can do for you

After a disaster happens, contact your insurance company. You should be aware of the disaster coverage options available, as well as what the insurance company is liable for. Your insurance company can also recommend a restoration company if you don’t already have one in mind. If they have worked together in the past, this may help expedite matters.

Restoration companies may specialize in certain types of disasters depending on the area in which they operate. Arrange an initial meeting so that a trained technician can discuss various recovery options with you and answer your questions.

Once an on-site inspection has been made, the company will be able to offer an estimate for the time and cost of service. Make sure that you walk around with them and point out the damage to your home. Read the contract thoroughly before signing, and inspect any work done to make sure it meets with your expectations.