Water Damage Cleanup Services after Basement Flooding

Ways That Water Damage Affects Your Property

Water Damage can happen when a home or building has experienced some type of water leak that hasn’t been stopped or cleaned up in time. Perhaps your neighborhood just experienced a sudden, massive rainfall, and you found water standing in your basement. Standing water quickly creates a water damage problem that becomes hard to reverse if not given immediate attention.

Typically, one thinks of water damage coming from a burst pipe, a malfunctioning sump pump, an overflowing toilet, or something that is really noticeable. A small leak in a pipe may produce a tiny drip, but over time that drip will begin to rot the wooden floor, cause rust or mold, and will eventually turn into a larger problem.

However, ground water seeping in from outdoors through cracks in the foundation or walls can result in a hidden mold problem in your basement or lower levels. Because you covered your floors with carpet or tile, and your walls are dry-walled or decorated, the seepage is not always evident.

Water stains on the ceiling may indicate a leaking roof or clogged soffits or roof vents. Typically, by the time you notice water stains on the ceiling, water damage has already started in the attic.

What to Expect in Water Damage Restoration

Calling ServiceMaster Restore® water damage professionals is the best option, because of the tools, equipment and knowledge they have to assess and treat each situation. After documenting a Statement of Authorization, a thorough examination is done, using specialized moisture-detection meters, probes and sensors that help determine the extent of the damage.

Plan on a visual inspection of the attic, basement, ductwork, crawlspaces, and contents in these areas. The inspection is thorough, to identify the possible causes, written and photographic documentation for insurance purposes, and a plan of action to minimize damage.

Water extraction, the first phase of a water cleanup project, is carefully done, ensuring the contaminated water is removed from your building and properly disposed. In some circumstances, further protection of your contents is needed, so the ServiceMaster team may recommend pack out services and content storage while the situation is remedied.

The drying process varies, depending on the location of the water damage and the contents involved. Powerful air movers and dehumidifiers will operate for a specific time, as determined by your water damage expert. Next comes the on-site cleaning or removal and reinstallation of the carpet, cleaning upholstered furniture and other furnishings.

Finally, structure damage is assessed and repairs are documented. ServiceMaster Restoration by All-Action has qualified construction contractors who can help handle the entire reconstruction phase of a water damage claim.

If you have water damage from a big problem or a small leak, call us today to determine the best way to solve it, and restore your peace of mind.

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