There are many different types of natural disasters that can occur, and they don’t have be on a scale of Hollywood proportions to be classified as an emergency. Learning about the causes and dangers of various disasters can help you better prepare for them.

Know your Risk

Knowledge is important when it comes to protecting you and your family, and it helps to establish the risk factor for certain disasters in your area. Residents of California should expect earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides, while floods and tornadoes will be more common in the Midwest. You should be prepared for each type of disaster that can occur in your area.


Fires can be caused by a natural disaster, or they could start inside your home. In either case, the main objective is to quickly get out of danger. Create and implement a fire escape plan, and keep fire extinguishers in strategic areas such as your kitchen and garage. Store important documents in a fire-proof strong-box so they are preserved.


Floods can be caused by melting snow, excessive rain, hurricanes other events. Assemble an emergency kit in case flood conditions contaminate food, water and knock out power. Bacteria can grow and spread in standing water, so store your items in watertight containers where they can be retrieved easily.


Hurricanes cause damage from flooding as well as high winds that can knock down power lines and buildings. Take precautions if a hurricane is predicted – board up windows, seal basements, and have an emergency kit ready with food, water, and money in case you have to evacuate.

Winter Storm

Severe winter weather can barricade you in your home for days or weeks, and it can also result in a loss of heat or power. Monitor the weather services, and prepare in advance by stocking up on supplies.


Thunderstorms can cause damage from lightning, rain, and high winds. Avoid travelling outside during severe weather. At the first sign of a storm, make sure that your emergency kit is ready and all precautions that you can take are in place in case things get worse.

Preparation prior to a natural disaster can help reduce problems afterwards. If you have experienced damage from a natural disaster, call us to help get things back to normal.