After a home fire, it is usually best to remove belongings to make room for the restoration and reconstruction. Investing in content pack-out services to make fire damage repairs easier will give you some confidence that the items that have survived have been packed properly and will be stored securely.

What does a pack-out service provide?

These companies provide skilled employees that can come into your home or business after a fire and clear out the space so that restoration can begin. They will remove items from the home to be dried, cleaned, and stored so that they can be used when you return to the space.

The company will also keep a record of all the items that are packed out. The list that they provide can be compared to the inventory list you have of your possessions so that you can file with your insurance company for the loss.

The best part of the pack-out service is the speed with which they can complete the job. By removing your items in a timely manner, the company can help reduce any further damage that surviving items might suffer. The speed of removal and pack-up can also help increase the chance of survival for other items. Keep in mind that mold begins to grow with 48 hours, so items that have gotten wet during the fire suppression need to be dried.

Why choose pack-out services after a fire?

One of the top benefits of hiring a pack-out service is that it will be one less issue that you will need to deal with on your own. A fire disaster presents many decisions to make and things to do so that you can get your home or business ready for occupancy again. The task of packing up and clearing out the space can be delegated to a pack-out service.

Many pack-out companies will label the items that are packed up and will keep an inventory. Some will even set aside items that need to be repaired. This can be vital information when trying to decide what needs to be included in the insurance claim.

Some pack-out services will provide storage facilities where your items can be kept during the restoration process. You will have one less thing to worry about since you will not need to find a place to store your items. You may want to check the storage costs with the company and see if the storage is included in the pack-out service.

Finally, the pack-out company will help you move your items back in. Once your home or business is restored, the company will help you get back to a normal routine.

Not all pack-out services will offer the same level of assistance. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by All-Action to discover how content pack-out services make fire damage repairs easier.